We offer conceptual designs based on research and analysis as well as full detailed designs for residential, farm, and commercial settings.


If you would prefer an hour or two of our time to clarify something about your permaculture project, we are happy meet with you individually or as a group.


If your group would like to develop a workshop around a topic relevant to permaculture, we would love to collaborate. Within our group, we've spoken, presented, and facilitated on many subjects based on our experience.


Sometimes you need more support after your permaculture design course. We thrive on connection, too. Mentoring is one of the most wonderful ways we spend our time.

Contact us now so we can support your Design for Life

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  1. I am just starting out on setting up a permaculture farm on a few acres of undeveloped land. Struggling with how to get started and trying to maximize my limited time on the property, I reached out to Milton and his team at Three Waters Permaculture. They were able to guide me through the Scale of Permanence and help me develop a permaculture plan unique to my situation. From helping me read maps and understanding water runoff to helping identify plants, I am so thankful for their time and energy. Where at first I was feeling pulled in multiple directions and not sure where to begin, now I have a better idea of where to spend my time and energy. Even from a computer screen across the country and a few photos they were able to work with me and provide thoughtful and useful feedback. Whether you are looking for a full scale design or just a little guidance, I highly recommend reaching out to them.

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