Our Vision

Connection is a fundamental human need

Our society developed in a way that disrupts meaningful, functional relationships between people and the things we need. In order to remedy this, we support the growth of a complex web of human connections with a commitment to the following areas:

Connection to Nature

Restoring health to wild places, tending cultivated systems, food forestry, natural building

Connection to Place

Honoring the story of place, bioregional education and inquiry, economy of place

Connection to People

Social technologies, communing, intentional community, equitable governance

Connection to the Future

Lineage, ceremony, storytelling, language and emergent culture, becoming a future ancestor

Connections drive positive, proactive action and enrich our lives. By careful design of connections we deepen our relationships to self, home, community, and the Earth. Connections allow the best things in life to come toward us. As we rise up to meet these opportunities, we step into a better world.