Three Waters Permaculture


Improve your quality of life by connecting to what is important.

We offer courses, designs, and projects to help you improve the quality of your life.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Each of us discovered permaculture a dozen or more years ago and have been incorporating it as a practice into our lives, even as we have been designing and teaching for years. We love what permaculture has to offer and want to share it's benefits with the world. 

What we do

A design catered to your needs wherever you live

Three Waters Permaculture works to support you in designing your own life and home in a way that connects you to nature, to others, and to a better future. 


We offer online courses to support your life, the permaculture design course, advanced design courses, and related projects.


While each of us offers design services in our communities and region, we collaborate at times on design projects as a team.

Creative Projects

Recordings, podcasts, and other creative projects.

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